Separation 10.15.2016.

Separation 10.15.2016. I pray for consolation. I am about to unfriend people whom I ought to love but cannot. They are professionals. They are educated. They post hateful and intentionally damaging untruths they know or ought to know are untruths. They republish venomous statements with no source other than unverified uncorroborated statements by persons who are not eye or ear witnesses. They republish selections from tabloid “books” whose authors have been disavowed by actual eye witnesses, ear witnesses and the members in good standing of the professional associations that an “author” claims to have been associated with. They do not fact check before reposting or they deny the results of fact checking.

I am not going to out them. I am simply going to unfriend them. They are too far gone for me to reason with. This greatly distresses me. I cannot condone or sit silently by while they spew lies that promote bigotry. They have convinced themselves that they are better and more entitled than others to the Bill of Rights, constitutional protections, and the compact we all have to extend the benefits of human decency to each other. Ironically, they are blind to the fact they, too, are at the bottom of the food chain of bigotry they support.

They include family and I have been at war with myself too long to fail to choose separation. They must save themselves — someone more removed from them than I will have to convince them to redeem themselves. They are dangerous to decent people everywhere — including other family members and friends that I love. My conscience tells me to do more than walk away from them. For the time being, I cannot do more than separate from them. With intelligent discourse among friends, with reflection and with prayer — that may change.

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Hurricane. A Prayer. 10.7.2016.

Wind and water, you humble us. Elements of our existence, you sustain and surround us. You are in our every breath. Common to all life, you make us common. Tranquil, you lift and transport us. Now a tempest, we cannot contain you. Subside so we may sail again. Common wherever we may be, we will use your wind to sing that we are one and we are home. 

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Recall this Reckless Provocateur Now

Recall this Reckless Provocateur Now 08.09.16. Trump now provokes “Second Amendment people” to act against Ms. Clinton. Trump, focusing on gun issues and the Supreme Court during a speech today, issued what appears to be a threat against Mrs. Clinton. This is consistent with earlier provocations of violence against his opponents. Is this latest provocation not enough for the Republican leadership to remove him as their candidate? Is it necessary to wait for one of Trump’s violent provocations to strike a chord with someone angry or unbalanced enough to act on it? Republican leadership, is it not clear that Trump’s intent is to intimidate and bully to win AND to provoke violent pushback against a “fixed election” to avoid humiliation if he loses?

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Self Defense & Moral Blindness

Self Defense & Moral Blindness 8-2-16. Trump justified his attacks on Gold Star Muslim parents Khizr and Ghazala Khan as self-defense against Khizr’s “vicious attack” on Trump during the Democratic Convention. In reality, it is quite the opposite. Trump built his campaign platform of fear and intolerance by promising to bar all Muslims from admission as immigrants and tracking those already here. He has denigrated all Muslims by effectively labeling them as terrorist co-conspirators who must know who and where the actual perpetrators are and what they are planning yet refuse to come forward and report them. He has not been following in the footsteps of Joseph McCarthy. He is treading the path of Adolf Hitler, whose fanatical anti-semitism led to the Holocaust. Trump is to Muslims what Hitler was to Jews. Trump has carved himself a campaign cornerstone of fear and racism by attacking the Khans and all Muslims. Khizr Khan’s address was self-defense against Trump’s assault and the existential threat that Trump presents. Trump’s subsequent attacks on the Khans show Trump’s moral blindness to his demonization of all Muslims and his belief that the rest of us are blind as well. The Khans, like their son, are heroes — with voices that need to be heard and heeded. By standing up they put targets on their backs for Trump. Thank god that the Khans have the courage to speak. We need to have the courage to listen.

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Abandonment and the Moral Imperative

Abandonment and the Moral Imperative: Decency over Darkness 7.31.16. Republican leaders refuse to tell you what you already know. The kindness of others has often been a shelter from the storm of uncertainties and losses that life brings. Look at the trajectory of your own lives and feel again the blessings you have received to help you along the way. If you have ever had a child, loved, been loved or received compassion or support following a loss — you still know what compassion and decency are. When we help someone else we are playing forward the gifts we ourselves have already received. See how far you have come — with the help of others — and you will see how far Trump is leading you from decency and into darkness.

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Trump and the Art of the Bully

Trump and the Art of the Bully 7.31.16. A bully separates one person from the rest through fear and ridicule. The rest remain silent or encourage the bully in the hope that he will not turn on any of them next. This is what Trump does. He did it to each of his adversaries in order to peel each of them off. He did it to minimize a lawsuit charging him with fraud. He did it to intimidate journalists from asking the right questions. He minimized a female journalist’s serious questions by perpetuating the myth that all women become angry and unreasonable each month, he minimized a male journalist by mocking his disability, he minimized a judge by ethnicity, immigrants by calling them all rapists, a candidates wife’s physical appearance, a candidate’s father as involved in the assassination of a President — and never apologized. In the same way, he wants to separate each of us from each other, through fear and hate, so that he can get what he wants with no effective challenge. And, he wants to make sure no one will call him out by getting us to agree, through fear and our incremental assent by silence, as he declares he is the only one who can save us.

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Abdication into Abandonment

Abdication into Abandonment 7-31-16. Trump’s response to Khizr and Ghazala Khan’s convention appearance again demonstrates a lack of empathy for anyone other than himself. Yet, the Republican leadership fails to warn even its own followers that Trump is unequipped to recognize, have compassion for and advocate for their needs.

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